Notes from the ‘Force Awakens’ panel and exhibit at Celebration Anaheim

There were a few things we officially learnt from the Force Awakens panel today:

  • the desert planet is called Jakku, not Tatooine
  • BB-8 is absolutely practical, with a working version present at the panel
  • Rey is a resourceful but solitary scavenger on Jakku who meets Finn
  • Finn finds himself in danger, and his reaction to this launches him into the story
  • Poe Dameron is on a mission from “a certain Princess” when he encounters Finn

In addition, the exhibit reveals that while the classic X-wings were Incom T-65s, the new models are T-70s, and are used by the Resistance against the First Order.

Here are some photos from the exhibit, first compiled by Jesse at Making Star Wars:

New troopers revealed #FlameTrooper #SnowTrooper #TheForceAwakens

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Even more photos can be found here.


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