Marvel’s plans for Star Wars

Some exciting hints of what’s to come in Marvel’s Star Wars comic titles were dropped at Celebration Anaheim.

Firstly, regarding the flagship Star Wars title, Boba Fett will catch up with Luke in issue #6. If you recall, in Darth Vader #1, Vader sent Fett on a mission to track down the Rebel pilot who blew up the Death Star. He knows Obi-Wan Kenobi was training Luke and gave him Anakin’s lightsaber. Is this where all the pieces begin to fall into place?

That will, of course, conclude Skywalker Strikes, but Star Wars #7, drawn by Italian illustrator Simone Bianchi, will be a solo adventure for Ben Kenobi on Tatooine. Star Wars #8 will be pencilled by Stuart Immonen.

Fans of Kanan #1 (i.e. everyone) will be pleased to learn that Greg Weisman will also be writing the second story arc for the title in addition to The Last Padawan. Weisman seems very happy to have the opportunity to deliver Kanan’s backstory to the fans, and who can blame him?

And finally, Lando will be set between Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. We’ve already seen Lando in his scoundrel days in season 1 of Rebels, and now we’ll see him after the Battle of Yavin yet before his role as administrator of Cloud City.

Other tidbits:

  • Tagge was investigating Dantooine when the Death Star was destroyed
  • Darth Vader #6 will feature a lightsaber duel
  • Greg Rucka (Superman: World of New Krypton, Gotham Central, The Punisher) and Marco Checchetto (The Punisher) will be the team working on Shattered Empire
  • John Cassaday will do more work on Star Wars titles in the future

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