Rebels season 2 trailer and poster

Here’s the season 2 trailer for Rebels, which features quite a few “Wow!” moments:

Highlights from the panel and press release:

  • The season will kick-off mid-year with a one hour movie (“The Siege of Lothal”) followed by regular episodes later this year
  • Yes, that really is James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader!
  • George Lucas and Dave Filoni discussed the relationship between Ahsoka and Vader, which is a story to be told in Rebels
  • Lucas and Filoni also mapped out the fate of the clones. Fives told Rex about Order 66, thus breaking the “spell”
  • The three clones are Rex, Wolffe and Gregor
  • There may be tension between Rex and Kanan due to Order 66

Finally, here’s the season 2 poster:



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