Anthology film #2 to focus on Boba Fett?

Just a quick note to say that Jeff Sneider at The Wrap is reporting that Anthology film #2, codenamed “Tin Can” and written by Simon Kinberg, will be about Boba Fett. Presumably this was to be announced at Celebration Anaheim before Josh Trank left the project.

Once again I direct your attention to the noir-ish concept art for 1313, the unfinished videogame tying into Underworld, which is where the story ideas for this film may originate. Given the more gritty approach to Rogue One, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Boba Fett movie is similarly dark.


2 thoughts on “Anthology film #2 to focus on Boba Fett?

  1. I hadn’t seen this concept art yet, it looks amazing! I’m not quite sure how I’d feel about Anthology #2 being about Boba Fett, although I love the character, but if this is the look they’re going for I will be completely on board! I just started my own Star Wars blog and I’m loving all of the news coming out! I’ll be checking back in :)
    Juli @ Clone Corridor

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