How closely tied is Rogue One to A New Hope?

We know that Rogue One details the theft of the plans to the first Death Star, essentially making it a direct prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. But does the connection go even deeper?

What if a character from A New Hope, whose significance seemed to be greater than his actual screentime, also happens to be featured in this new prequel?

And no, I don’t mean Porkins.

Jason at Making Star Wars took a closer look at the promo image from Rogue One, and I recommend you take a look at his breakdown. But this Tweet in particular blew my mind:

I can imagine Biggs being part of the group acting as an additional hook when John Knoll was pitching the idea to Kathleen Kennedy. Not only does it pull the fans into this story, it gives A New Hope additional weight.

The argument against this is Biggs’ backstory, but in this continuity, he has none. The movie suggests that he was like an older brother to Luke, he left for the Academy some time ago, and somehow he wound up in the Rebellion. That’s it. If he were involved in the theft of the plans, his clout with Red Leader would actually make more sense.

Or maybe that isn’t Biggs. We’ll see.


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