Six days to go: Williams, Abrams and a Chinese trailer

Are you ready for even more great moments from The Force Awakens? Well, here’s the Chinese trailer:

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams has revealed that both Rey and Finn (or, at least, the concepts behind their characters) were two things that survived from the Michael Arndt draft. You can read more at io9.

From Variety we learn that nearly all of John Williams’ score is new, with only “a few short references” to earlier themes. There are new leitmotifs for characters including Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, with a choral fanfare, featuring chanted Sanskrit inspired by a Kipling poem.

Williams recorded the score across a dozen sessions over five months, which is good news for anyone dreading a cut-‘n’-paste job, a la Attack of the Clones.

We’re getting closer, and closer, and closer…


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