Lupita feat

Maz Kanata concept art for ‘The Force Awakens’

Jay at Indie Revolver has posted our first clear look at early concept art for Lupita Nyong’o’s character in The Force Awakens, the pirate Maz Kanata. She may be orange and with facial markings in the movie, but this is the direction they’re going in for this performance capture-based character.


Rogue One details

A jungle world. TIEs fly overhead. In the sky above… a space station. The Death Star. That’s the promo for Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One, a gritty war movie with cinematography by Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty) and production design by Doug Chiang and Neil Lamont (Edge of Tomorrow) from a story by John Knoll. It’s about…


Han and Chewie final concept art for The Force Awakens!

MarketSaw have just posted what are more-or-less the final iterations of concept art for Han Solo and Chewbacca: Chewie pretty much looks just as you’d expect, but Han’s look is a very tasteful extrapolation of what we saw him wearing in the original trilogy. For the most part, these two pieces speak for themselves, but…

Is this lightsaber an ancient Sith relic?

Kylo Ren concept art two-fer!

The same day that the Star Wars Chinese Forum leaks an image of several Force Awakens action figure prototypes, Indie Revolver has shown the final production art for Kylo Ren’s helmet/mask: Note that the yellow is not in the finished helmet, though the scribed lines are still present. Later they updated with more Kylo Ren…


Concept art mother lode!

OK, today was a bit of a surprise. I’ve been on hiatus for a number of reasons, two of which being a wedding (mine) and an illness (also mine, which I’m currently suffering through). However, something happened that was so monumental that I couldn’t not post about it. Jason over at Making Star Wars has…


What can we expect from the stand-alone features?

At the moment, we’re pretty much in the dark when it comes to the stand-alone feature films. We’ve got two directors (Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank), two writers (Gary Whitta and Simon Kinberg) and three rumoured codenames (Boba Fett, Solo and Red Five). However, a bigger picture is emerging. Three out of four of the upcoming…

Simon Kinberg with Dave Filoni (and more Lothal concept art in the background)

Simon Kinberg on Star Wars: Rebels (plus concept art galore!)

Two weeks ago we were given a glimpse into Star Wars: Rebels with the Meet Greg Weisman video. Today we have a similar video introducing Simon Kinberg: Kinberg is a particularly important figure in this new era of Star Wars: not only is he Executive Producer on Rebels, he’s also a consultant on Episode VII…