Stormtroopers at Puzzlewood? (updated)

At this point it’s all but confirmed that Puzzlewood is indeed a location for Episode VII. But who (or what) will appear there?

The Daily Mail, that bastion of journalistic integrity, has just updated with a bunch of photos from the location. There’s nothing revealing, except for this:


Are those, perhaps, the boots of a stormtrooper? Of course, this may mean nothing at all, but given the repeated rumours of stormtroopers appearing in Episode VII, it’s not a stretch to conclude that this is an extra playing a stormtrooper at the location. (Edit: As our good friend Jeremy from Furious Fanboys points out, J.J. Abrams used similar black cloaks to hide the costumes while filming Star Trek 2009.)

Just the thought of stormtroopers at Puzzlewood conjures all sorts of images that are too tantalising to resist,

UPDATE: While this doesn’t confirm that stormtroopers are involved, the following tweet from BBC reporter Steve Knibbs does confirm that Episode VII is being shot at Puzzlewood:

(AVCO is the codename for Episode VII, and as you can see, even the font used is a Star Wars font. The Avco was the Los Angeles cinema that Abrams first saw Star Wars in 1977.)


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