Seven Samurai… in space?

Back in December last year we reported on a Seven Samurai-style movie outline written by George Lucas that could possibly be one of the proposed standalone Star Wars films. Things are now getting a little bit more interesting.

/Film are currently reporting a rumour they’ve heard regarding Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars film, which goes into production next year. Here’s the breakdown on what they’re hearing:

  • it revolves around the theft of the plans for the first Death Star
  • a group of bounty hunters have been hired for the job
  • the Millennium Falcon features but Han Solo does not
  • the main character will be introduced in The Force Awakens

They further speculate that the main character could be a younger version of Max von Sydow’s character in The Force Awakens. However, it seems odd that these are all bounty hunters stealing the plans to the Death Star, yet they’re described as “Rebel spies” in the opening crawl of Star Wars: A New Hope. Unless…

Let me put this out there: What if von Sydow’s character is Kanan Jarrus from Rebels, as I’ve previously speculated? This would solve two problems: 1) it would make the leader on this heist a member of the Rebellion rather than a bounty hunter and 2) it would add some lightsaber action without having the story centre on Jedi vs. Sith.

This idea certainly throws light on the focus of the Death Star in all current Star Wars media, and furthermore, if Kanan is the main hero, it would also further explain the connecting principle linking all current and forthcoming Star Wars stories. It’s an interesting possibility.

Elements of this rumour may be off-base, however. The whole thing may be off-base. But it all makes a lot of sense to me.


2 thoughts on “Seven Samurai… in space?

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